It moves…

The…project.  The project moves.  That’s what I meant.


Good news!  A lot of the daily hindrances are now hitting a point at which balancing them all is becoming possible for our people!  What does that mean?  It means there’s more time to work on this project!  Yaaaay!

On top of that good news, we are beginning to find some more help as well.  But as always, we are looking for more!  Modelers, texture artists, etc.  If you’re interested, let us know!  You can do that by hitting us up in our Contact Us page or by sending an email to

I don’t want to spoil much at the moment.  But I may feel a bit more spoil-y later.  That doesn’t sound right.  Forget I said that.  As the project picks up more steam again, I’ll spill more info.

The monthly update schedule has not changed…yet.  But as the project moves faster, so will the updates.


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